What is ParentZone?

ParentZone is a smart phone app which brings you closer to your child's development in nursery. 

You will see a timeline of your child day at nursery, you can view photos, videos and notes on your child's daily activities as well as book extra sessions, settle bills and update contact information straight from your phone.

How do I get ParentZone?

Download the app straight onto any android or iOS device. Search for  'ParentZone' and look for this logo:

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How do I get a log in?

Access to ParentZone is by invitation only.

Provide us with an up to date email address and we can arrange to send yo an email to activate your account. Follow the link to create your unique ParentZone log in.



What is a Day In The Life report?

A Day In The Life Report shows you an overview of your child's day at nursery. You will see their sleep times, nappy changes and meals as well as any observations that have taken place that day.

How do I get a Day In The Life Report?

From the ParentZone home screen, select Day In The Life Report which you will find underneath your child's photo, select your chosen dates and the report will be emailed to your registered address.

How safe is my data?

All data on ParentZone is protected by a 256 bit ssl certificate. Typically, your internet banking is 128 bit, so ParentZone is twice as secure. You can rest assured, your data is super safe.

Who can view data on ParentZone?

All of the data on ParentZone including photos and videos can only be viewed by their own family members and nursery practitioners at that setting. Parents can decide if they would like other family members/guardians to participate too. 

Permissions are set so that even staff can only access data for their key children and can only log in within their standard working hours.

Will my child's photos end up on Google?

No, absolutely not. All data is securely stored and is only accessible via secure log in, no search engine or external source can access it.

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